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La Cachapa

My Venezuelan specialty served French style

The favorite dish of Cactus Restos customers is Cachapa: a corn cake with a Venezuelan cheese somewhat reminiscent of mozzarella but more salty. The best? At Cactus Restos, this dish can be personalized as desired, we add the shredded duck for mixing cultures with France, salmon or chicken, and a touch of avocado for gourmets. It is served with a small salad and a spoon of beet hummus - irresistible!

But where does this typical dish come from?

The origin of cachapa is attributed to the central region of Venezuela, where the indigenous people who inhabited the lands of the Mirandinas cultivated corn, a cereal that was worshiped and considered to be of divine origin. Corn was so popular that their cult was later associated with the Christian religion, with the ritual of planting corn kernels on San Isidro Labrador day to pay homage to farmers, a custom that is still preserved in some Venezuelan farming towns. .

No need to go broke to cross the seas, at Cactus Restos, I transport you to Venezuela from my childhood in a few bites. Don't tell anyone, it's a secret!

Hasta pronto!


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